Excerpt from Crunching Numbers

Click image to read an Excerpt from Chapter 21 – Cap Space (Hidden Costs)

Table of Contents

Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look at the Salary Cap and Negotiating Player Contracts


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: History of the NFL Salary Cap
Chapter 3: Ten Questions and Answers
Chapter 4: Calculating Player Costs & the Salary Cap
Chapter 5: Components of an NFL Contract
Chapter 6: Guaranteed Salary
Chapter 7: Dead Money
Chapter 8: Rookie Contracts
Chapter 9: Free Agency
Chapter 10: Franchise & Transition Tag
Chapter 11: Trades
Chapter 12: Grievances (Injury & Non-Injury)
Chapter 13: Roster Designations
Chapter 14: Fines & Forfeitures
Chapter 15: Final League Year
Chapter 16: People Behind the Numbers
Chapter 17: Salary Cap Philosophies
Chapter 18: Negotiations
Chapter 19: Not All Contracts Are Created Equal
Chapter 20: Metrics Used to Value (and Devalue) Contracts
Chapter 21: Cap Space
Chapter 22: What We May Have Missed
Chapter 23: Conclusion

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